C-22 has passed!

A clear win for YES ON C-22!

The County Clerk’s latest tabulation makes it certain that C-22 has more than enough YES votes to pass.

We can’t thank you enough for stepping up for our students, teachers and schools.

Bravo, Voters!

Paid for by Taxpayers for Safe Schools: Vote Yes on C-22. FPPC ID #1455151

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C-22 holds commanding lead in latest ballot update

Exciting News: The latest Measure C-22 vote totals indicate almost certain victory!

As of Wednesday, Nov. 16, Measure C had 17,138 YES votes versus 10,084 NO votes, a lead of 63% to 37%. We need 55% of the vote for Measure C to pass.

There are an estimated 8,200 ballots remaining to be counted in the school district and we are eagerly letting democracy play out until every vote is counted.

We are so grateful to our community for stepping up in support of Measure C-22. We look forward to the next ballot report, which the County Clerk has scheduled for Wednesday, Nov. 23.

We hope to have great news to share with you heading into the Thanksgiving holiday.

Thank you for your unwavering support.